Fine & Performing Arts

Art Club

St. Ann sponsors an Art club for students in 7th and 8th grade that are interested in the arts and would like opportunities for involvement in community art projects. The St. Ann art club meets every other Monday afterschool in the art room until 4:30pm. Examples of recent projects completed by our art club include the recently painted “VanGogh’s” garden shed located in our outdoor classroom, participation with the Dream instillation at Freeman Park coordinated by the Bartlett Parks and Recreation Department and the Mayors Youth Council. Each year our students also paint book inspired ceiling tiles for the school library and in honor of our school’s 50th anniversary, the Art Club recently produced a variety of mosaic images featuring our school mascot located throughout the school. This year we plan to work on a mural project coordinated with the Bartlett Arts Council to assist local not-for-profit organizations.

Theatre Performances

The Performing Arts Department at St. Ann presents a musical production each spring.  With students from fifth through eighth grade trying out each year, the program seeks to develop students’ talents in the areas of drama, music and dance and technical theater.  Students are given roles in the musical or selected as backstage ninjas.  Many St. Ann graduates are sought after by directors from private to public institutions as they are award-winning leads in many high school performances.

Children’s Choir

The school will coordinate a youth choir for students who wish to participate. Practice will be after school and at other scheduled times. All members must remain faithful to their commitment to perform at scheduled events.