The school counselor provides individual and group counseling for emotional, behavioral, social, and academic issues. The counselor may provide up to six counseling sessions per student; issues requiring additional assistance will receive referrals to a professional and/or agency in the community. The school counselor also provides in-class guidance programs, student discussion groups, conferences, and consultation for parents. The school counselor also makes referrals for psycho-educational and psychological counseling. If a student is being evaluated, the counselor will mail completed teacher observation forms directly to the professional evaluating the student.

By signing the handbook form, you give permission for the counselor to meet with your child.

Parents may be called before and/or after the counseling sessions take place. Situations surrounding school or friendship issues do not normally warrant a call to parents. Parents are immediately contacted if the child discloses intent to harm himself/herself or someone else.

The school reserves the right to require students who could possibly present a danger to themselves or others, or who act in such a way as to disrupt the learning process, to receive a professional evaluation before being readmitted to school.

A child may self-refer.
His/her teacher may refer a child.
His/her parent or guardian may refer a child. A parent/guardian may call the counselor at any time or drop by the counselor’s office.
The time your child spends with the counselor is a special time where a trusting relationship develops to allow a healthy outlet for your child. In order to respect your child’s privacy, the school counselor will share strengths, concerns, and general feedback with parents. The counselor will discuss information with your child’s teacher when issues discussed in counseling or consultation directly affect the child’s performance in the classroom. Your support and involvement in this process are very important.

All employees of St. Ann School are required to report all disclosures of abuse by the student.