• The St. Ann library is a learning destination that connects our students with the world around them and encourages participatory learning to construct and understand content from many sources.

    The library has digital technologies that offer various pathways to learning where students and teachers are encouraged to explore, create, and collaborate, including

    Digital, audio, and print books





    3D printer

    Video production room

    Virtual Reality

    Khan Academy enrichment

    Hands-on learning centers


    The St. Ann library is open from 8:00 AM - 3:15 PM Monday thru Friday.


    You may reach the Library by calling (901) 266-5218

    Library Link

  • Books and other library materials may be checked out any time the school library is open and is not limited to library class time. However, students must come in quietly, locate materials, check out and return to the classroom. When accompanied by a parent, kindergarten students may check out books until kindergarten orientation to the library is complete. After that time kindergarten students will check out books weekly.

    All library materials should be given proper care and returned on time. If not returned by the due date, a late fine of five cents per day is charged for K-1 and ten cents per day for 2-8. Fines for overnight, reference books and reserved books are 25 cents per day.

    ReadnQuiz and class projects may make it necessary for students with late materials to continue to check out needed materials. Therefore a student with late materials and fines may check out materials for AR and class projects for 2 days only, or until the library record is clear.

    Selected periodicals and reference books may be checked out overnight. In order for everyone to have access to periodicals on a timely basis they must be returned on time. MAGAZINES AND REFERENCE BOOKS ARE NOT TO BE RETURNED IN THE BOOK DROP as we learned that they are easily damaged this way. There is a box just inside the library door for these items.

    Some books are targeted for specific maturity levels. These books are labeled on the spine of the book for “young adults” with a red YA on a yellow background. Young adults are 7th and 8th grade students. For students in K-6 to check out these books, a form must be signed and placed on file in the library. A separate copy will be needed for each child in your family. A parent must call and talk to the librarian before sending the signed copy to the library.


  • It is the responsibility of the student to return materials on time and to the proper place so that all materials will be checked in correctly. To make this easier we have installed a book-drop located just outside the library entrance. Anyone may return books at any time, including before or after hours, in the drop. All materials in the drop are checked in before the librarian leaves each day and as soon as the librarian arrives in the morning. A “grace period” has been put into place so that no fines are assessed for books returned one day after the due date.

    It is the intent that library late notices will be emailed at least twice per month.

    These notices should be printed, signed and returned with late materials and correct fines. Verbal notices or reminders are given each time the student checks out. Email late notices will come from

    Late notices can sometimes be confusing. The price of the book is automatically inserted on the notice if it is in the computer. You do not send the price of the book unless the book is actually lost. An approximate fine amount is also indicated on the fine notice. This means that if you return the item the next day after a notice is printed, that will be the amount due. If it is more than one day after the date printed, the amount will increase. Please remember that in order to get the notices to the teacher to go into Friday folders they may have to be printed earlier. Please call the library if there are questions. Report cards are held at the end of the year for late books and fines and may be held at the end of any nineweek period if necessary.

    In addition to the regular school telephone line, you may reach the library at (901) 266-5218. Voice mail is available if we are in class or out of the library.

  • ReadnQuiz

    ReadNQuizReadnQuiz is designed to encourage reading, increase reading comprehension and track each individual student's progress. Students will choose books from their appropriate level and will take computer tests the measure their comprehension.