Tricia Cooper



Name: Patricia Cooper

Degree: Early Childhood Education

Favorite Subject: Religion

Who is your teaching inspiration and why: My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Warren, was my inspiration.  She taught right here at St. Ann in a wheel chair. She had polio. Her mother or father brought her  here each day.  As a student, I never thought of her as handicapped. We simply took turns pushing her wherever we went. She trusted us with that and many other tasks.

One thing you would like people to know about you:  I was a student here at St. Ann. I sent all my children to St. Ann.  I and my children attended Catholic high schools: I went to I.C. and my boys went to SBA.  Catholic schools are a great foundation in faith, education, and life.

Favorite thing about teaching at St. Ann:  It isn’t just a job. It is family. It is home.

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