Wish List

St. Ann Catholic School has a running “Wish List” of things needed for the classroom and building.  We have a number of very generous supporters who have asked for a list for non-budgeted items the students and teachers need. Below is a wish list the teachers have started. To help, you can either purchase the item yourself to donate or you can donate the money on our annual giving page (use comment section to tell us which item(s) your donation is intended to fund).

Here are the items currently on our teacher’s wish lists that are looking for a donor to help us fund! Thank you for your support!

PK3 would like to have a SUNYAO Kids Kitchen Step Stool with Safety Rail so the students can safely reach the sink with washing their hands.  The cost of the step stool with safety rail is $79.99 through Amazon.  If you would like to purchase directly from Amazon, please click here.



For our growing school band: Used musical instruments in good condition.  If you have a used band instrument you no longer use, we are in need of instruments because the school band is growing, improving, and competing.



Thank you to the Aur, Podesta, Bedwell, Newell, Adams, Caldwell, Winkelmann, Perry and Peeney Families for donating copies of  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for our 8th grade to have classroom copies of the book. We now have 18 of our 25 copies needed!  Only 5 more to go!


Ms. Scarlett, the art teacher, has added several items to the wish list.  This includes real clay, color sharpies, watercolors, crayons, and difference sizes of canvases. These items can be purchased pretty much anywhere from Knowledge Tree to Target to Michael’s. Ms. Scarlett did not specify a quantity, we need whatever can be given for art class.



SPARKS classroom is in need of new stools.  These padded metal stack stools  are on Amazon for $79.99 per set of five.  We need 5 sets to fill the classroom.



Karaoke Microphone Wireless singing machine is $45.99 on Amazon.




Ryobi One Lithium Hot glue gun with rechargeable batteries and charger.  This is $138.99 on Amazon.



SPARKS students would like to have a class subscription to Mystery Science https://mysteryscience.com. A class subscription is $99 per year.



SPARKS students would also like to have a subscription to Generation Genius. https://www.generationgenius.com  A one year subscription is $120.

The last item on the SPARKS wish list is to develop a classroom library.  A library wish list of books for SPARKS already exists on Amazon.  CLICK HERE to access the wish list. Books range from $5 to $24. The selection is pretty extensive.


Below are the items that have been funded.
Thank you so much to all of our generous donors!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors to the Kindle Fire Matching Donation Challenge.  Mr. Mike Deveraux of the Deveraux Family Foundation agreed to pay for half of our Kindles for 1st and 2nd grades if we raised the other half.  Thank you to everyone that contributed to help us reach our goal and purchase our new Kindle Fires!  Faculty, staff and students at St. Ann Catholic School appreciate your generosity.

Thank you to:  Mike Deveraux, Abe & Tammy Abuelouf, Shanna Bowers, Warren Davis, Mark & Sally Fillion, Patricia Freire, William Franks, Annmarie Ghio, Frances Gonzales, Jack & Stacey Griffith, Edward & Elena Han, Rachel & Andrew Heltibridle, Beth Keltz, Trena Kilp, Judith Lear & Dana Yarmowich (In memory of Mary Mangold), Nicole & Tyler McGlaughlin, Stephanie Moss, Mark & Kathryn Mosteller, James Sdoia, Noreen Sdoia, Philip Schulte, Marla Tabor, Robert Thompson, John Werkhoven and Jack & Theresa Winkelmann.

Thanks to Caroline Fister and Thomas Lewis.
Mrs. Ghio’s two televisions, Apple TV boxes for the library for a total of $744.
Thanks to the Cole Family!
PK4’s Code & Learn bug and space ship for $40 each.
Thanks to the Han Family!
One year subscription for Lyrics2learn for the 2nd grade is $150.

Thank you to the Sta Cruz and Winkelmann Families!
Two sets of Califone headphone classroom sets for the computer lab at $186.26.

Thank you to the Gartz, Hess, Griffith, Dickens and Burgess Families.
Patrick’s Press Quiz Pro Deluxe buzzer system for Knowledge Bowl competition at $525.

Thank you to Philip Schulte.
PK-4H, Mrs. Harty’s class, would like a Sony Cassette Boombox at $60.49.

Thank you to the Moss Family.
Starfall, a language arts and mathematics program for PK-3rd grade, is $270.

Thank you to Philip Schulte.
The Furinno 5-Cube Reversible Open Shelf for SPARKS at $25.13.

Thank you to the Jolly Family.
Mrs. Miller’s yearly subscription to Flocabulary was $120 for fourth grade.

Thank you to Carolina Fister and Thomas Lewis.
Mrs. Miller’s 4th grade class set of 10 Webster’s Student Dictionaries.

Thank you to Nick & Patty Scully for the flue for our band.